Hello World, Hello Earthlings

14 06 2012


As a “prospective” PhD student (in Industrial and Systems Engineering), I am starting this blog at the moment for helping anyone, who uses computer and software for ISE related works. During all my undergraduate and graduate education, I always enjoyed with computer interactive jobs. Object Oriented Programming, Database, Open Source Tools, Computation Software, Optimization Software, Simulation, Web Programming are included in my knowledge. I believe that effective use computing power can be spread to people need supporting systems for their jobs.

Of course, I am well aware that there is a huge stuff that I don’t know anything about, however, I decided to share my humble knowledge. There is also another intention of this blog: I am expecting to learn from you, as well. Your comments, questions, corrections (including my English and grammar, since I am not a native speaker/writer) are welcome. Hope, the content comes in handy for someone.

Thank you for reading me!